Tuesday, July 16, 2013

South China Sea Dawn

Dawn on the South China Sea....nature's constant in a rapidly changing world.  These are some photos taken on the beach in Danang, Vietnam.  Actually on the very spot of the old China Beach R&R Center.  Now known more properly as Vietnam's Eastern Sea and Danang Beach, this spot will always be called the old names by those, like me, who fought there in the 60's.  No wildlife in this post, just some views of another dawn over a beautiful sea....views of the Son Tra Peninsula to the north, the old Monkey Mountain....now home to a beachfront resort and a nature preserve protecting the "monkeys," which are actually Red Shank Duoc Langurs.  To the south the Cham Islands, formerly a VC R&R center (or so it was said), now an Eco-tourist site.
Vietnam's Eastern Sea has most recently become a point of contention, along with the Spratly Islands, with "big brother" China.  Wars and disputes will come and go, but the sea, the sun and the sand are always the same.

R&R at China Beach was 3 days....in fatigues, sleeping in tents and drinking warm beer.  Yet, it was a much coveted break for Marines.


Much Quieter today....especially at dawn.

Tents have been replaced by Hotels and Resorts.

Looking southeast toward the Cham Islands.

"Charlie Don't Surf, But We Do."   Charlie Don't Surf   Famous line from the movie Apocalypse Now.  There really were some surfers in country and here's a link to tell their story.

Local fishermen ply their trade in much the same fashion as long ago....wooden boats....basket coracles.  But catch much less as the fishery is all but gone.  Much has changed in Vietnam since 1967...many places vets look for and remember are now unrecognizable.  But the sea, the sun and the beach are still there.
Nature is the continuum we all seek in our troubled and ever changing world.
Thanks to RD Foster, Marine Vet for the period photos.