Sunday, June 5, 2016

Orchids along the Myakka

 Butterfly Orchids (Encyclia tampensis) in full bloom in early June along the Myakka River.

Great place to see and photograph these dainty orchids is the trail along the river in Sleeping Turtles Preserve.

 Almost every oak has's hard to decide whether to look up at them...or down at the scenic Myakka River

 Wild and official designation, but quite obvious to any observer.

 Some different, yellow.  Are they different species I wonder?

 Early rains and everything looks great.

Another great spot is Myakka River State Park.

 Lots of wild orchids in Florida.

 Olivia with her "I see orchids"  happy face!

 Sleeping Turtles is a great place any time of the year.  Check it out and take a walk.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sherman's Fox Squirrel

Sherman's Fox Squirrel (Sciurus niger shermani).  Seen at Babcock-Webb WMA.  This curious squirrel calmly watched my wife and I filming a nearby family of Red-cockaded woodpeckers.
A species of special concern, below are some links to report sightings to the Florida FWC, taken from their Facebook page.
Bigger than your average squirrel!
Fox squirrels can be easier to spot than many of Florida’s imperiled species. Look for their fat, furry tails and bigger body size than the common gray squirrel. They also sport an amazing range of colors from tawny to silver to black. Some have black masks or are entirely black. Fox squirrels also are unusual because an individual animal often can be identified by its particular markings. The Sherman’s fox squirrel, state-listed as a Species of Special Concern, is found in much of Florida. The more elusive Big Cypress fox squirrel, a threatened species, lives only in southwest Florida. The state’s two other subspecies, the southeastern fox squirrel and Bachman’s fox squirrel, reside in northwest Florida. Want to help? Report sightings of fox squirrels online! This helps us identify their ranges and better manage their habitats. Click on the photos to find out more!
Report your fox squirrel sightings:
Read pages 40-41 of the FWC’s draft Imperiled Species Management Plan to learn more about our plan to conserve fox squirrels:
Species action plan for the Big Cypress fox squirrel:…/Big-Cypress-Fox-Squirrel-Species-Action-…
Species action plan for the Sherman’s Fox squirrel:…/Shermans-Fox-Squirrel-Species-Action-Pla…
More photos:…/8628047489/in/set-72157632659454856
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Here's a link to a post I did on a Big Cypress Fox Squirrel at Clyde Butcher's cottage in Ochopee.

  Keep a sharp eye in the trees when you are out and about....and be sure to report sightings to the FWC.