Monday, June 30, 2014

Island Preserve Picnic

 Welcome to the second annual Maine boating excursion of the families of Moorwood, Plouf, Scott and Smith.....last year it was the puffins of Petit Manan....this year it's a picnic on a Maine Island Preserve.   Meet at the quiet harbor of Seal Cove on Mt Desert Island....glad to have your aboard!

 Two boats for this trip....Capt Tim leads out...

 Setting a course SSW off MDI, around Swan's Island to the hidden cove beach on the Marshall's Island Preserve.  See if you can find it on the chart.

 Capt Andy in the "Mother Ship" with special guest, Capt. Emeritus Doug Sr. aboard.

 That's Cadillac Mountain beyond the wake.

 Lots of little islands, shoals, rocks and bars along the way....good thing Cpt's Tim and Andy know the way....with a bit of modern electronic assistance!

 We're not the only "picnic boats" out on this gorgeous June day.  This gem is flying the Northeast Harbor Fleet pennant!  Fast company, I'd say.

Wonderful views in every direction.....and a much different perspective than ashore.  From the mainland the glacier designed rocky coast seems SO BIG....but, from a few miles out everything sort of flattens out and you can (if you've a geological bent) imaging the glaciers scraping out the islands and harbors.

 Here's an interesting feature...a DRUMLIN....

 Hey, we're here....that's the Marshall Island landing dock.  But lets go a bit to port and find the picnic beach.

Marshall Island is one of more than 300 island protected by the Maine Coast Heritage Trust.  This wonderful organization has conserved 140,000 acres on Maine's coast....with lots of public access.

 What a beautiful cove and beach.

Set the anchor Nat....launch the Zodiac Diane!  Let's go ashore....I'm hungry.

 Everything tastes better on a picnic.  Lunch al fresco and on the rocks!

 We're not the only picnic today.....everyone is courteous and friendly.

 Lots of trails to explore after lunch.  The Maine Coast Heritage Trust maintains over 60 miles of spectacular coastal walking trails.  Each preserve is cared for by stewards and we were lucky to meet and visit with Marshall Island's caretakers.  They told us all about the island and recommended a great walk over to Boxam Cove.

 Preserve Stewards, Chis, Sarah and canine assistant, Daisy.  What wonderful representative of the Trust.

 Lunch and a nature walk.....what more could you ask for?  What do you see Liv?

 It's a Sundew....a carnivorous plant!  

 Time for friends to walk and cell phone, no laptop, no wifi....ain't it great?

 Wood Sorrel in bloom!

 Nice trail...thanks Chris and Sarah!

 Enjoying the view.

Someone's paid a visit to the Nautical Flotsam Gift Shop!  Beachcombing is more fun even than Yard Sales.

 Someone suggested a side trip over to Pond Island for a bit of sea glass hunting.  Let's go....all aboard Diane's Water Taxi.

 Pond Island is conserved by the Island Heritage's got a great little beach and a fresh water spring and pond.  Let's look for some sea glass.

 Not much glass today...but lots to see....above is a Red appropriate for a Maine Island.

 White Rosa rugosa.

 A Blue Flag.

Another great view and some granite erratics dropped by the retreating glaciers.
Hey....sun's heading low in the west....time to head back to Seal Cove.


 Sun's glow is special here in Maine.  Everyone had a great time and took home some memories and a photos to remind them  of a wonderful day.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Japanese Garden in Maine

Northeast Harbor, Maine (on Mount Desert Island) has a beautiful Japanese garden.......the Asticou Azalea Garden.  Here are some photos my wife, Olivia and I took there this summer....and some links to tell you more about the garden and it's history.

 "The old pond,
a frog jumps in,

Not my calligraphy!  Would that it were.

A peaceful and beautiful garden any time of the sure to visit when you are on the island to see Acadia National Park.

Nat Smith photo