Friday, January 21, 2011

Jelks Preserve on the Myakka River.

Designated as Florida's only "Wild & Scenic River," the Myakka flows lazily from the center of the state south into Charlotte Harbor and then the Gulf of Mexico.  There are several parks and preserves along it's banks, with Jelks Preserve being one of my favorites.  This 614 acre preserve has some of the most beautiful "Old Florida" landscape scenery in several unique habitats...the river and it's banks, canopied live oak forest, seasonal wetlands, pine flatwoods.  There are 8 miles of well marked trails and at the north end of the preserve is Snook Haven....and old fishing camp converted into a restaurant, canoe rental, boat tours, cabins, live music....a really fun place to visit.  Also a great place to launch your kayak or canoe for a river trip.  Here are some photos Liv and I took on a recent visit to Jelks sure to check it out when you visit our beautiful Gulf Coast!

Red Blanket Lichen (Herpothallon rubrocinta)

The Myakka river

Nine Banded Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)

Rattlebox moth (Utetheisa bella)

Gopher Tortoise headed home!

Snook Haven

Wish I could identify all that I see in nature....but I guess it's enough to know a few and enjoy the rest.

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