Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tucker's Grade: Landscapes in Florida's Wet Prairie

Tucker's Grade is the remnant of a road used by early settlers in Southwest Florida.  The first part traverses through the Babcock-Webb Wildlife Management Area.  A "Grade" to early Floridians was simply a dirt road with drainages ditches on both sides, and Tucker's Grade is just that.....straight as an arrow through wet prairie which would otherwise by inaccessable during our wet summers.

The Wet Prairies of Florida provide some of the state's most beautiful landscapes....and a glimpse of what the land looked like in the 19th century.

Wet Prairies are fresh water marshes with a large amount of diverse flora and fauna.

The beauty of the natural world continually amazes me.  Can't wait for my next photo adventure.

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  1. I love the wide open spaces, the true places of our earth. My Florida, these sights, soothe my spirit.

    Great photography.