Friday, April 27, 2012

5 Star Bird: Streak-eared Bulbul at the Furama Resort, Danang.

This Streak-eared Bulbul (Pycnonotus blanfordi) was my daily companion during a recent stay at the Furama Resort in Danang, Vietnam.
The Furama Resort, on China Beach overlooking the South China Sea  (now more properly called Danang Beach and the Eastern Sea) is truely a 5-star hotel and resort.  It not only has wonderful architecture, well appointed rooms, great restaurants,impeccable service.....but also a luxurious tropical garden. 
Furama Danang website
This hectare sized garden features a large lagoon pool and spa, and is festooned with a huge selection of tropical flowers, bushes and trees that attract the fauna normally missing at a beach resort in a large Asian city.
History of Danang on Wikepedia
The famous China Beach.  When I was there for a 3 day R&R in 1967 there were tents, picnic tables and warm beer......but I thought it was GREAT!
China Beach R&R Center
There are over 130 species of Bulbuls in the Pycnonotidae family.

There were many other birds in the garden....but "my Bulbul" sat on a branch a few feet from my balcony and sang every morning....what a great wake-up call!
Bulbul songs on Xeno Canto website
Birding in Vietnam is not easy.  Most species are very shy due to unrelenting hunting pressure.  The tropical garden at the Furama is an oasis for our avian friends.  They are protected and become less reclusive.
The Furama Resort is so photogenic that it was the site for a group of 50 photographers from Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk!
Here's a link to the winners.....there were over 30,000 photographers in over 11,000 locations!

In my scrubs waiting for the Vets With a Mission team bus to take us out to our rural free clinic.  We have built over 50 free clinics and field 2 or 3 humanitarian medical teams annually.   When in central Vietnam, we always stay at the Furama.


  1. Wonderful share. These birds, every one to a tee, look so proud to be photographed.

    China Beach, oh so beautiful, I love it.

    Thank you for sharing, thank you for caring for others, God bless.