Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor, Maine: A Genteel Stroll on a Sunny Afternoon

Acadia National Park is a very busy place on a warm and sunny July afternoon.  Most of the trail parking lots are full and the town of Bar Harbor is an obscene madhouse.  What to do then, with a few idle hours and my trusty Nikon?  Little Long Pond in Seal Harbor is a great place for a genteel stroll.  It's a beautiful setting along a freshwater pond just north of Bracy Cove.  
Part of the Rockefeller Estate holdings, and adjacent to Acadia's Carriage Road system, Long Pond has an inviting old carriage road along the eastern shore...facing toward Penobscot Mountain, and further on with a view of Cadillac Mountain.  

 Popular with the local residents, and especially those who want to walk with their dogs, the Long Pond Carriage road isn't listed as part of Acadia....thus missed by most visitors and, ergo, not crowded on a busy July day!

 Here's a link to a great site about the rich and famous of Mt. Desert Island....lot of great old photos.

 Here's a great link to a slide show of old photos of the Rockefellers on MDI.

An old postcard showing an aerial view of Little Long Pond.

 Great pdf article about Acadia's Carriage Roads.

 A link to the story of Acadia's Carriage Paths.

 The Rich get Richer on MDI real estate.

Old postcard view from the North of Little Long Pond.

An early 1900's carriage of the type seen on Acadia's Carriage Roads.
 How could they devise The New World Order in such a peaceful setting?  Go figure!

 About halfway up the road, the Rockefeller boat house is still there...though not used by the family any more.

 A link to Abby Rockefeller's garden....still open to the public on scheduled days.

John D Rockefeller and family.

John Jr and the founders of Acadia National Park.

Thanks to the Rockefeller family estate for keeping this wonderful Carriage Road and Long Pond open to the public.  It's a wonderful place for a walk.

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  1. Some nice pictures and the history is interesting too.