Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reflections at One Sarasota Tower

I am fascinated by reflected sunlight and clouds.  Light is essential to both nature and this post about sunlight reflected off the mirrored windows of a Sarasota, Florida high-rise building is really not so out of the ordinary.

One Sarasota Tower is a 12 story high-rise building overlooking Siesta Bay in Sarasota, Florida.  Bathed in sunlight, the mirrored windows of this post modern commercial office tower reflect the sky and it's surroundings. 
 There are taller buildings in the area....but none use sunlight, clouds and reflected images to draw one's eye to nature's impromptu art.

 Managed by Icorr Properties, One Sarasota Tower has 137,139 sq feet of office addition to it's external beauty.

 Reflected light in photography can be stunning, but it is often difficult to capture.

 Here the distorted images of nearby windows become abstract art.

 Buildings, sky clouds, trees.  What is real, what is reflection?

 Is the blue the color of the sky or the color of the glass?

 Shooting into the reflected sun...a difficult exposure.

 The blue colors change with the angle of the sun....and the clouds become more ephemeral.

 I love the blurring at the right hand corner of the windows.  From left to right....real palm, reflected palm, distorted image.

 Laser beam from a passing UFO?  No, sunlight, glare and reflection....made brighter than the background sky by the angle.

 The sensor didn't want me to take this shot.....too much glare, flare and distortion....but I like it!
This was a fun shoot with my daughter Chrissy on a sunny afternoon in downtown Sarasota.  Come on down and see it for yourself!

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