Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Odonata at Ollie's Pond

 Ollie's Pond, in Port Charlotte, Florida, is a popular birding spot.  It is also one my favorite spots for dragonfly photography.
 This 5 acre freshwater pond in SW Florida has a nice trail all around....also a parking lot and an adjoining small patch of pine forest.  Strolling with binos and camera takes about an hour around the pond.
 Being fresh water and shallow, the pond is covered with algae in the warmer months.  These photos were taken in early summer and later in the fall.

Here you can see the trail...and lots of alge over much of the water.  What a great spot in our suburban neighborhood.





 Lots to See at Ollie's Pond Park.  Come on out, have a stroll, and see for yourself.