Sunday, January 27, 2013

Painted Lady

 The Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) is said to be the most widespread butterfly in the world...found in both North and South America, Europe, Asia and both temperate and tropical environments.

 This is a guest post from wife, Olivia, who shot these photos in Maine last summer.


 This Painted Lady is feeding on a sunflower, but prefers thistles and hollyhocks. 

In the Eastern US, one can expect one to three flights from May to October....although in Maine one more likely will find snowflakes anytime after Labor Day!!!

If you visit Maine in the summer, be sure to carry one of these in your pocket.....handy and waterproof.

 Here's a link to a great site with a time-lapse video of a developing Painted Lady

Liv photographing in a milkweed patch in a blueberry field behind our summer place.  That's the Harrington River in the background.  Maine is beautiful in the summer.

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