Friday, May 13, 2016

American Crocodile

The ranger at the Flamingo visitor center of Everglades National Park told us there was an American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) hanging around the concession marina.  Sure enough, she was....and we saw two young.....probably the reason she was there.

About 10-12 feet long....she swam in and out of the mangroves....sometimes went underwater and popped up a distance away.   This was in a canal just a few feet from the marina's canoe and kayak rental dock!

 "Despite its shy nature, an American crocodile is still a predatory animal and can be dangerous. You should never approach a crocodile"
The above quote is taken from a Florida FWC webpage about the American Crocodile.  He is much too close....trying to get a cellphone photo......meanwhile the canoe rental attendant was yelling...."Senor, get out of there....hurry up!"
People are stupid.....I wonder why the Everglades NP rangers have not done anything to keep idiots away from this female who was hanging around the Flamingo marina because she had young back in the mangroves.  Isn't it the job of ENP rangers and FWC to protect imperiled species?

It only got come The Three I-Phone Stooges.....chasing the Croc back into the mangroves.  She turned around and faced them off.....meanwhile......"Senors....get back to the dock....get away.....rapido!!!!"

What is more important in our precious national parks?  Commercial concessionaires, ignorant tourists....or the natural environment and the imperiled species who live there? 

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