Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Boreal brook at Acadia National Park

What to do with a few hours in Acadia National Park when it is mobbed by tourists....loud, rude, obnoxious tourists buying Chinese made junk souvenirs at the Jordan Pond House gift shop???
My answer is to attach the kit lens to the Nikon and find a spot without people....
Easy enough, just down the entrance road from Jordan Pond is Stanley Brook....scenic, quiet and very photogenic.
Just right for a bit of afternoon rusticating!

Stanley Brook makes it's way from Seal Harbor, through the forest to Jordan Pond.  Some trails cross it, but there are spots where you can enjoy it alone.



You can read all about Acadia's Carriage Roads and stone bridges.  Get a copy on Amazon.com

"Tea and Popovers" was the classic afternoon pastime for the early Acadia Carriage set.  Now crowded with ill-dressed, ill-behaved, ice cream eating, bused in, unpolished masses.....served by an equally rude and unpolished staff of Eastern Europeans....pressganged into an "American Holiday" by unscrupulous employment agencies.  Tantamount to human trafficking, albeit the result of unwillingness of our American youngsters to entertain such summer jobs.

The old Jordan Pond House....burned in the late 70's.  Gentile...simple....hot tea...no ice cream...no gluten free popovers...polite staff in white oxford shirts with towels over a forearm!  Anyone else remember?

Interior view.....great in early September with a fire in the fireplace.  Say, "Is that David Rockefeller at the far table?"

Thankfully, if you edit out the crowds....the view is the same!
It's a pretty spot...and Acadia is beautiful.  Just plan your visit after the crowds leave for the city.  I'm headed back Downeast to Washington County....."The Way Life Should Be."

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