Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Field of Orchids

 It is always a thrill to find a wild orchid, but to find a field of them is truly exciting. 
Above is a Large Purple Fringed Orchis (Platanthera grandiflora).
The Field Guide, "Wild Orchids of the Northeastern United States," by Paul Martin Brown describes them... "widespread throughout the nine-state region, this tall (up to 1m), stately orchid is a summer feature, especially in northern New England.  It usually occurs in small numbers, often as a single plant, but every once in a while a large stand of more than 100 plants in found."

 Here in Harrington, Maine (a small coastal village along the scenic Bold Coast byway of Rt 1) has a park with over 200 in bloom!!!

 The park also has a walking track and, as part of the Schoodic International Sculpture Symposium (2014), a large mounted sculpture.


 "Time and Tides" by Maine sculptor
Roy Patterson

 If you want to see more of Maine's sculptures, here's a map.

 The Northeastern US is blessed with many wild orchids.  Want to find more? 
Available on Amazon.com   You can get a used copy for 1 cent!!!

 Come along "Downeast" and see our beautiful orchids!  You will love them and take the time to look around Harrington....it's a great little village!

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